Awesome book, reading it again!

Can't wait for the movie, although I must say - they got the wrong mix in the cast, but we'll see how the movie turns out. 12.12.08 <3

School! in two days, argh!

Anyway I'm gonna continue reading, page 143 and I started last night :D..
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Well, home along..again. I'm really bored! Nothing to do so I'm just on msn, and listening to Senses Fail and those other bands I listen to.

One week of the holidays gone and there really hasn't been much to do - Tomorrow, and the rest of the week, there'll be a lot of shit so that's kinda cool. I've got a few interviews <_< so kinda nervous about them, as I always am. Anyway, Australian Idol is shit. I have it muted, but I can still tell that it's really, really shit. The hosts are really shit too, and so is Mark.

Rove is next! the ad just came on, I totally forgot about him - yay he's pretty cool..<3 Ryan Shelton. He's the best of the bunch. Anyway, after my computer was taken, I lost the thousands of songs I had from over 200 artists..Had to redownload all my faves like Senses, Parkway, Prom Queen, Jumpsuit appartus etc...yeah. Kinda sucks, I lost all my movies and TV too - The office started a few days ago, it was pretty good..I'm glad the show is back :) - Heroes is really good too.

Oh, DeviantArt. I've had an account there for ages, and for some reason I keep buying subscriptions to it but I haven't uploaded anything to it..I dunno, I just like to look at other peoples' photography and what not. The asians on there are really good!

Anyway, tomorrow I'm picking up my new computer - hopefully the shop has all the shit in stock tomorrow...So that's kinda cool - kinda getting sick of the Macbook =[

Oh and really random, but don't you hate people on MSN? - Seriously, some of them just need to shut the fuck up and learn when to stfu. I hate it when people say "hey" every fucking time I sign in..except the people I actually wanna talk to. I hate you. You know who you are, just shut the fuck up and don't talk to me. I don't give a fuck about you or your stupid shit :). LHC?

Gotta go do paperwork now =[. Sold a few cars today. Peace =]



So, Heroes finally started - the two episodes were so good!, the ending of the second one...argh can't wait for the next episodes!. I'm so glad all the good shows finally started again!

No, the world is not yours.

That's right. It isn't yours. It belongs to him.

A short film for Art, a piece for modern history, an interview tomorrow. It will be a pretty hectic day. OK so I was thinking, wow how shit is school? - I need something new to so my daily school life (That's if, I go to school) is that, I get up at 6, get ready, catch the bus at 7...get to school on time, then I get home at 5. Really shit stuff, I think it's over in about 10 weeks.

Hmm, Matilda is on. I have nothing to do tonight - everyone left early so I can't get anywhere. I need my license..

Oh oh! Turns out, I got a C for my English exam which I guess isn't that bad, I've always just been a C student in English..wait, I got a B for one piece of assessment earlier this year, that "Honey, I fucked the kids" piece I did. But yeah, overall a C student. AND! I think our teacher is retiring which is really shit, since she's like the bestest English teacher in the school. Now we'll be getting the head of department I think, which obviously means no 2 months overdue assessment, and I'll have to show up to all the classes..

Random, but - don't you guys think everyone is getting pregnant these days? I swear..people need to use moar condoms.

For those who keep asking where their comments, and my posts go, add me as a friend to see all my private posts that I CBF showing to randoms. Don't forget to style your wake for fashion magazines!

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Wouldn't you rather be a widow than a divorcee?

I'm boring but overcompensate with headlines and flash flash flash photography. Wouldn't you rather be a widow than a divorcee? Style your wake for fashion magazines. Widow or a divorcee?

<3 the song.

OK I'm watching Kenny and writing my Art essay. The lisp is annoying me. Today, I watched the new episode of Prison Break and Gossip Girl. Prison Break was good but they really, really should have gotten someone else to play Agent Self. Anyway, the episode was good but I reckon the show has dragged on too long. Gossip Girl was just "fun" to watch, as always. Nothing special. A few good shows have started, like 90210 and all of that it should be a good season anyhow, a lot of shows to watch :)

Fuck, I'm tired!. Modern History assignment to do for the weekend, Art essay for tonight, and a TAFE speech to write up for tomorrow. Holidays after that.

mm..Kenny, who would of thought, a show about toilets..

Oh, oh, don't you hate it when you rent a movie that looks good (I usually download but hey, it was 99c Tuesday)..but the movie turns out to be some fucking piece of shit that wasn't even worth a dollar? They should stick IMDB ratings on the cover! 3.0/10 is not good. Why must they attempt to remake Japanese films? Epic phail, nubs.

Also, Kenny told me..the average fart travels 3 meters per second. Yep, we we are all dying to know. Thanks Kenny! - Oh and why do all Australian TV game shows come from overseas? Everyone always copies the Japanese. They really do have really random, but funny game + prank shows :)

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