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OK so I was really bored, flicking through the channels - came across this program about Sadam & Iraq on 7HD. Oh my fucking god. Seriously the scariest shit I have ever seen!

Beheadings, thousands of executions, people getting their hands chopped off - seriously what kind of fucked up shit is that. I'd hate to live in the Middle East to be honest. Early in the program it showed how he gassed thousands of villages and you could see, literally, hundreds, thousands of bodies scattered on the streets. Most of them being young children, all dead with the saddest expressions stuck on their faces :(. When they dug up the mass graves, all the bodies were easily identifiable because they were just killed and dumped into the ground! - some were even buried alive. They had watches on them, ID cards, all that sort of stuff.

Saw at least 100 executions in the program (although it didn't actually show much, thank god it was censored), even children were just killed. Shot in the head, point blank. Craziest fucking shit ever - the arab Hitler. Most disturbing part was when his son was featured on the doco. He was even worse! I couldn't believe it though. Thousands of people killed just like that. I mean it happens all around the world, I guess it's always different when you actually see it. Like I said, the doco was quite censored. First gory part was when three young men were executed by having a grenade pinned to their chests. Censored thank god. I think the only part where everything was shown was when some guy got his hands chopped off by "a close friend" for stealing. (There was no blood, shouldn't there be blood when someone chops your hand off?) and all the whipping / physical violence.

Speaking of the hands chopped off thing. It goes back to religion. Steal something, your hand is chopped off. Steal again, there goes both your hands. Kill someone and you're beheaded. I'm pretty sure they still do this in Saudi Arabia, it's a pretty full on country. Anyway, that has to be the fucking stupidest thing ever. I mean, they don't even care what the fuck it is that you steal. $1, a pen, anything. Consequence is still the same.  I remember back in '03, I think I was in year 7 then. Our teacher was Iraqi and we were in class when the war broke out - he had the radio on. We questioned him, asking why he was upset when it was a good thing Saddam was just about to get owned. Instantly, he got defensive like there was no fucking tomorrow.

It's hard to say whether I support America's decision to invade Iraq. I mean, it's still a shit hole now - but if they didn't, Saddam would most likely still be here. Although hundreds of thousands of people have died since the war broke out. I remember a few months ago I read this article about this young woman that liked this boy, that was out of her religion. When her parents found out - she was stoned by them, among many other members of the village. That made me so fucking upset. I've read so many articles like that - people getting stoned by their own fucking parents! for the silliest things. And with all the suicide bombings every day, you'd have to be crazy to step outside.

On top of that, there are so many mum's in Iraq that have no job, but have to put food on the table for the kids because they are now widowed. I remember this article on CNN I think it was - about prostitution in Iraq. This woman explained how she would have sex while her children were in the room with her. She would tell each of them to face a corner of the room so they could not see her. And FYI, by room I mean - the room they're living in. Not a house, a room.

This has probably been by biggest post. Just wanted to share my views on this, sorry for rambling. I just wanted to say, I'm so glad to be living in Australia where I'm not judged too much :). Freedom is a big thing here in Australia. I get so sick of people saying "I hate this country". It's like "What the fuck, go to your own fucking country then!" - You're free as a mother fucking bird here, and I'm sure it's like that almost everywhere in the world. But yeah, Australia seriously has to be one of the best places in the world :). Oh, also, I think everyone should be happy with what they fucking have. Get over yourselves and take a look at whats going on around you. Stop complaining and be thankful for everything you have. And no I'm not referring to material possessions. I'm sure millions of people would give up their lives, just to live yours for one day! I think we all need to start making changes, to make this world a better place for everyone. Maybe one day we'll all live in peace.

I'm off for some sleep. Peace everyone!


Yeah, it does happen in Saudi... you can't be gay, have sex outside of marriage, hang out with or like anyone outside of your religion, etc. Anything that stops the country being "perfect" gets eliminated. :B

I definitely don't support America's decision to go to war. And I certainly don't support asskisser Howard's decision to throw our own troops over there too. Cause, see, they didn't go there to search for WMD's... they went there to search for cheap source of oil.

Australia's great, agreed. And it's funny how America's supposed to be freedom loving people (their constitution is /built/ on it), but they're happy to invade another country. :B (not to mention Palin's two brain cells thinking it'd be a funny idea to invade Russia).

I, however, have to harshly disagree with your "get over it" attitude. Thing is, I'm not an African kid starving to death. I'm me, and I have my own issues. Everyone has issues. Issues aren't rated on a scale, every single fucking issue you have is important because it affects YOU. I want certain things I don't have, it doesn't mean I'm looking down on those starving kids and going "meh, mine are more important".

Anyway, I guess what my point is that though there are those who are worse off, agreed, it doesn't make your issues disappear into a cloud of nothing - you still have to deal with them.

Plus, y'know, it's human nature to look out for number one. No one jumps into an electrified pool to rescue a drowning baby and expects to swim out alive (and if you think you can, you conveniently remove your stupidity from the gene pool so it's win-win. :D).

Sorry about *my* rant. ;)
Ah, I meant "Get over yourselves" as in everyone should stop complaining about what they don't have / and all the shit they want etc.

Guess I should of typed it out better :P

I was in Saudi for a few weeks almost 2 years ago, and I remember this guy was looking at girls in the shopping centre I think it was. The guards just beat him up! - not like a full on beating because he was quite young, but yeah. I dislike all countries like that!

Hey check this out, it's from a few months back.

I know exactly what you meant by that comment, and I'm saying I disagree with that though process. As I said, there are things I don't have that I want/need, just like any human being, and who can judge that my needs don't come before somebody else's?
Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion :)

I just think that millions of people around the world have nothing, and everyone here is never happy with what they have.

December 2008

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