Musti (musti08) wrote,

School's out!

Wow! This year has passed so I'm finally done with school :D - Although, I'm really gonna miss seeing everyone all the time, and my fave teachers hehe

I'm going overseas at the end of the year, returning after a month or two but I don't start uni 'till May so I pretty much have to wait around for 6 months. Anyway, I can't believe school is finally over...I must say, 12 years really did pass quite fast. On another note, we have our formal/prom tonight which is kind of exciting, the after party will be good! (I hope) - tomorrow we have a BBQ and on Thursday is the graduation ceremony - so by the end of the week, it'll all be completely finished.

Kinda shit how some of my friends are going to live overseas now, doubt I'll ever see them again :P, so this week has to be the funnest evar! K?. Anyway, I'm gonna go have breakfast and stuff - Hmm :)

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