December 22nd, 2008

The weekend


Had an awesome weekend - birthday party was on Friday and Saturday although my birthday is tomorrow. Tuesday is a shit day. Who gets drunk on Tuesday? Not me! Anyway, I get to the apartment on Friday morning. Drink just a little, funfun. Friday night wasn't too bad but wasn't really great either. Everyone got the idea that the party was on Saturday only, so we just got a little drunk and watched That 70s show 'till 4:30am

Saturday night was awesome. Alex gave me some wine (For some reason, yuck. Who drinks that shit?) - I drank it all, followed by countless shots of vodka...and other things. Anyway, had the best time ever. Gonna throw another, bigger party on Jan 30th and 31st!

Looking for that joint Tarryn hid, "Somewhere behind your sheets". Never found it. My entire bag of it was missing too..