November 2nd, 2008

And I told them I invented Times New Roman

Love that song.

Anyway, this week is going to be hectic! So many exams and assignments. 4 exams, and one assignment for school. Along with 2 exams for TAFE. Fucking insane. The good thing is, next week is practically assignment free! I'm so happy. I have to go shop for a formal suit and shit, so I'm gonna be doing that tomorrow. Other than that, wow school is finally coming to an end!

I'm going overseas when I finish school which is kinda awesome, I'll probably be back at the beginning of Feb. I might be going to Thailand, and probably get some Bali up in this muv fuka. It'll be fun. So much fun. Ahh, boredom. Oh yeah, I didn't really realize the formal was gonna cost quite a bit. Well, 500 bucks. But better be fun! - Actually I'm sure it'll be pretty fun, the after-the-after-party party will be awesome. What an awesome name.

Ohhh! I forgot to mention. I got a haircut!. I was forced to actually, but yeah. I guess I have to update my userpics now. I don't like my new hair to be honest. It sucks. Too short. Hmmm, what to do...I'm kinda annoyed now. This week is gonna be so shit - plus I'll be spending quite a bit of money which is always depressing :P

Oh well it'll be worth it. Good times, good times. Can't wait 'till I'm done with school!

Oh oh, did everyone see how Sarah Palin was pranked? God damn it she's such a dumb bitch. I hate her. Is it just me, or has she said something really stupid in practically every media appearance. Watch the video for a good laugh. The end of it is fucking hillarious, when she sounds so cut. Die bitch. Die. Obama 08! - Just a few days to go, they really need to fix those fucking voting machines!